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Spray equipment

Air assisted airless spraying

Anker Stuy work with all the main spray equipment suppliers and can assist customers with specific advice on most of the commonly supplied pumps and spray guns.
The general rules concerning our products are as follows. All spray applied top coats and primers listed below require similar pressures and tip (or nozzle) sizes to spray them.

The products are as follows and the summary of machine settings are shown:

Opaque primers Hydrolux 17-0535 and Ankolux 17-0576
Opaque Top coats Hydrolux 17-0645-0647, Ankolux 17-0679-0687
Translucent top coats Ankolux 17-0658-0659

Spray equipment setting

Fluid Pressure: 100-150 Bar
Air Assistance: As required but not greater than 2 Bar
Tip size: 0.028mm to 0.033mm (11-13 thou)

For fluid pressure, air assisted airless pumps will all show a conversion ratio on them. For example the Wagner Puma is described as a 28:40 pump. The first number, 28 refers to the conversion ratio. On a WIWA profit 4233 the ratio is shown on the pump stating it is 33:1. For a 28:1 pump the pressure in bar on the fluid pressure dial should be multiplied by 28 to give the actual fluid pressure being used to deliver the paint. This means with that pump the dial needs to be set between approximately 3.5 and 5 bar. For a 33:1 pump multiply by 33 to get the required pressure so set the dial between 3 and 4.5 bar. Other main pumps such as Graco, Kremlin and Binks will also have the conversion ratio written somewhere on the pump.

With regards to nozzle sizes we have given metric figures of 0.028mm to 0.033mm and then given the imperial measure of 11-13 thou in brackets. These old imperial measurements tend to be used by most of the spray equipment manufacturers. Examples are as follows.

Wagner tips (or nozzles) have the description of 11/40 where the 11 refers to the tip size in thou (short for thousandth of an inch) and 40 relates to a 40 degree angle fan. On a WIWA tip it may carry a description such as 411 where the 4 is for a 40 degree angle fan and the 11 is for an 11 thou tip size. They can also have 428 written on a nozzle meaning 40 degree angle and an 0.028mm tip size.

Kremlin do not use these units for their tips so a Kremlin 06 sized tip is an 11 thou and a Kremlin 09 tip is a 13 thou.

Conventional Spraying such as gravity fed pot guns.

Most of the Anker Stuy products can be applied using conventional pot guns. For some of the main exterior products mentioned above it may be required to thin down the products by 5-10% to help make the product flow through the gun properly. While thinner furniture finishes are often sprayed through tips that are around 1.4-1.8mm the more viscous joinery finishes require tip sizes of between 2-2.5mm.