Hydrolux Primer

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Hydrolux Primer

A primer that works! Discover our quick drying primer to fill the grain and to achieve a uniform smooth surface!

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Produce more in less time

The benefits of our Hydrolux Primer:

    ✔ Excellent coverage

    ✔ Fast curing properties

    ✔ Excellent flow

    ✔ KOMO Approved: extreme low water uptake

    ✔ High filmhold properties

    ✔ Accoya system supplier

    ✔ Available in various colours

Hydrolux Primer

Available in popular colours

The Hydrolux Primer is available in the popular RAL colours. Commonly chosen white tones are: RAL9010 and RAL9016. Also available in dark shades such as: RAL9005 and RAL7035.

Customize your colour

Do you want to customize your colour? We can match any colour that you desire from any colour chart. Click here to match your colour.

Types of wood

The Hydrolux Primer has a perfect adhesion to all commonly used wood species and is suitable for all types of wood.

Tri-cryl technology

This primer contains is based on Tri-Cryl binder technology. This technology provides exceptional wet adhesion and low water absorption. After applying the primer you can finish the wood with our Hydrolux Topcoats.
KOMO Accoya and BWT

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Discover the primer in this video

In the YouTube video we show how the Hydrolux Primer can be applied on wood. Download the data sheet on the product page to learn more about the correct settings for air assisted airless spraying or conventional spraying.

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Reference: Beechhall Joinery

"Working with the Hydrolux Primer is giving us more time and efficiency to get orders out of door. The primer is already cured after 3 hours!"

Finish the wood with a matching Hydrolux Topcoat

Hydrolux Primer

Quick drying water-borne primer for all commenly used wood species. This primer has excellent coverage and perfect filling properties.

Hydrolux Topcoat Gloss

Give the wood a glossy finish with the Hydrolux Topcoat Gloss. This topcoat provides an excellent coverage and a gloss finish of 70%.

Hydrolux Topcoat Semi Gloss

By applying the hydrolux topcoat semi gloss to the Hydrolux Primer you give the wood a finish with a gloss of 45%.

Hydrolux Topcoat Semi Matt

Finish the wood, which has been pre-treated with the Hydrolux Primer, with a semi matt topcoat and give it a gloss level of 30%.