Fast curing coatings from Anker Stuy set the new standard for the UK joinery sector

Hydrolux spray

Fast curing coatings
from Anker Stuy

sets the new standard for the UK joinery sector

Our new Hydrolux system is an industrial outdoor topcoat based on Tri-Cryl technology. As a result, the product cures quickly and has an excellent wet adhesion.

The new standard

At Anker Stuy we have been testing the performance of our Hydrolux coating system against one of the more popular coating systems used in the UK joinery industry. We used the Dutch industry standard KOMO test to assess the two systems. As part of this rigorous test samples were floated on a water bath for 72 hours to measure water uptake through the coating. The samples within our test were dried for 24 hours, 2 days, 3 days and 7 days.

The results showed there was a significant difference between the two systems. Our competitor’s product showed a strong tendency to blister following the floatation on the water bath. After only 24 hours drying the Anker Stuy system shows no blisters. The water uptake of the Anker Stuy system was also a great deal less than the competitor product in the first three days. So the new Hydrolux system from Anker Stuy is fast curing alternative with excellent wet adhesion, setting the new standard for the UK joinery sector.

Tested systems

Tested systems

Water resistance after 1 day drying

Tested systems day 1

Water resistance after 2 days drying

Tested systems day 2

Water resistance after 3 days drying

Tested systems day 3

Water resistance after 7 days drying

Tested systems day 7

Comparison Anker Stuy joinery coating system against UK leading market reference


  • Anker Stuy systems do not blister even if drying time is short (1day) and drying temperature is low (12°C).

  • Most of the market reference systems do show severe blistering. Although blisters become smaller in size, even after 1 week drying at 12 °C blisters are still developing when exposed to water. The blisters largely disappear after drying but some wrinkles remains.

  • Water uptake with the Anker Stuy systems is much lower compared to the market reference, especially after 1 or 2 days of drying.

  • With Anker Stuy systems the resistance to water is better and uptake of moisture in the timber is lower when the coating is dried under non-ideal conditions.

  • Hence with Anker Stuy joinery coatings the risk of moisture related complaints with wooden joinery on site will be reduced

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