Request your colour match:
We can match any colour that you desire from any colour chart. To do this as accurately as possible we use a spectrometer. This gives an accurate measurement of the colour that is then converted into a formula. The spectrometer takes multiple readings of the colour sample to create a formula to replicate in any of our products. Our formulas as so accurate that we can match with a deviation smaller than 0,5 Delta E. This deviation cannot be seen with a human eye and is even more accurate than the normal standard which is set in the furniture industry.

    To obtain the right colour, we need to know:
  • The desired colour code and colour swatch name
  • Is it for an interior or exterior project?
  • The desired gloss level
  • If you are unsure of the name or code. Send us a liquid sample or a painted item that you would like to match

All colours are matched within our colour laboratory and are stored for any potential future orders, ensuring we can replicate your colour for any other projects.

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